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About Us

The Company x


Accuset opened its doors in 1997 just as major advances in the modular industry were taking shape. We believe in installing modular buildings the right way for a competitive price.


Dedicated to our clients, we set the standard when it comes to innovation, professionalism, and coordination. Every client, every project, every time.


Accuset Construction is the first resource developers and contractors trust for their modular relocation and installation services.

The Science of Teamwork x

We’re more than team members, we’re family.

The reason why so many clients rely on us is because our teams coordinate with extraordinary precision. Our communications are crystal clear. With so many moving parts throughout a modular installation, it’s critical to know the status of all aspects of the project. Everyone knows where to be, what to do, and when to do it. Not a minute is wasted.

Our unwavering adherence to safety keeps the whole family safe, but it does more. With fewer jobsite accidents, we know our clients can move through their projects at a maximized pace and at lower insurance rates. Keeping the crews busy but safe is just one more reason clients choose us over our competitors.

We live and breathe everything in the modular world, staying on top of the latest trends and practices in the industry. As advances in the construction industry unfold, we’re looking at how sound modular methodologies can intersect. This enables us to bring innovative new solutions at the foundational level of any development project.

Our Guarantee x

We are the modular industry’s best kept secret. We’re the experts contractors hire because they know we move modular installation projects through their work schedule on time.

Our precision and experience organizing workflows, communicating with the manufacturers, working with transportation and special equipment contractors creates a pattern of success we’ve demonstrated for each client at every single project.

We stand on the forefront of the modular future. Our best practices and long industry experience sets the standard for prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable services. This enables us to keep our promises.

As an Accuset Construction client, we promise you that we’ll deliver the safest, fastest, and most precise modular relocation and installation services in the industry.

Our Process x

  • Preconstruction
  • Scheduling
  • Foundation
  • Transportation
  • Installation
Planning your project takes coordination and an understanding of the modular building process.
Modular building projects have the distinct advantage of simultaneous work, both on-site and off-site. We can help coordinate this process to ensure the least amount of equipment and labor while increasing productivity and workflows.
A precise foundation must be set before any modular installation work can begin. We provide a site inspection to confirm the proper set (other details) of the concrete has been completed.
We communicate closely with the manufacturer from the start of the project. This enables us to plan the transportation of the modular boxes to the job site and the on-site coordination for the fastest possible installation schedule.
Finally, our part in your project comes to a close with highly coordinated day schedules moving and setting your modular boxes.

Our Team x

Kirk Hall


Kirk Hall’s expertise in construction and operations spans more than 30 years.

Kirk anchored his reputation as an industry leader by driving successful projects to completion while providing an outstanding safety-first environment. Clients rely on his integrity and deep knowledge of modular engineering, site logistics, project planning, and installation.

Kirk understands the tough challenges his clients face and delivers innovative results on time and within budget.

Kenny Hall


Kenny grew up in the industry working alongside his father, Kirk Hall, and later as Accuset Construction’s Project Lead.

His vision for the future of the modular industry ensures that Accuset Construction remains the industry’s innovation leader.

His top-notch professionalism is reflected throughout our high-quality hospitality, education, and custom home solutions.

Tammy Hall


Tammy is the Controller at Accuset, guiding daily operations and managing project scheduling.

With over 22 years experience in the modular industry, Tammy joined the Accuset team in 2007.

She moves fluidly throughout the company, lending valuable industry insights to meet the needs of Accuset’s diverse clients.

Bryan Kennedy

Business Manager

Bryan joined our Team as a Business Manager. He brings much more than management to Accuset, as he is well rounded in marketing and construction.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from Washington State University, as well as achievements in leadership and business growth. 

Bryan’s enthusiasm for the modular industry continues to grow through accomplishments made with our team daily. His focus is to help keep Accuset a leader in the modular industry, while maintaining key relationships with our clients, employees, and vendors. He fits with our company in the belief that it takes a team to build a successful project.