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Expert Modular Services For Any Modular Project .

Keep your modular project moving forward.

At Accuset Construction, we offer a range of services designed to increase safety, reduce site congestion, and increase project efficiencies.

We strive to deliver precision installation, relocation, preconstruction planning, and logistics for every client on every modular project.

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Modular Services for Educational Facilities .

Modular Relocation

Move your modular classroom with confidence. From individual unit prep, equipment logistics, and contractor scheduling, we load, move, unload, and set your building with 100% precision on the foundation. We use specialized equipment to squeeze into tight footprints while monitoring safety and proximity to utility, sewer, water, and other site considerations.

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Modular Installation

We’ve helped build entire school campuses. Developers and contractors have used a range of Accuset Construction services to install entire modular school buildings.

From simple to complex, our gold standard modular installation services have saved school districts millions compared to traditional construction.

Read about the stunning Tesla STEM High modern high school campus modular building that was completed in 8 short months.

Get your next modular project underway before the new school year starts.

Modular Services for Hospitality and Multifamily Projects .

Preconstruction Planning

Accuset is an essential partner in the preconstruction stages of any modular project. With over 24 years of experience in the modular industry, we provide valuable input on feasibility studies, trucking and crane logistics, and help with all coordination required to build a modular project.

When our clients are deciding between modular and site-built construction, we contribute to the feasibility of the project by using our in-house experts. Sometimes we engage other industry experts to look at the project. Regardless of which direction clients choose, we share reliable, fact-based input that aligns with the desired outcome. We recognize that every project is not modular-friendly and we believe in providing enabling our clients to make an informed decision either way.

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Logistics Coordination

If you’re new to the modular concept, we coach you along the way with the requirements that we need in order to help you run the project smoothly. Get insightful timelines when your other trade vendors should start on-site. We provide a process flow to help you see what order your contractors need to begin their projects to keep a steady flow of work happening on your project. 

One of the main benefits of modular construction is to allow the interior finishes to be finished out of the elements at the factory. This presents a challenge for everyone working on the project: to keep the units clean and free of damage as they are moved and handled on-site. Accuset Construction makes it top priority to keep every unit as clean and secured while we complete our installation.

Modular Installation

Accuset Construction works side by side with developers to ensure a seamless modular installation process. From the foundation up, we share modular best practices that create successful projects with maximized workflows.

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Rely on Accuset Construction to deliver on your next modular building.

Modular Services for Custom Home Projects .

Modular Installation

Accuset Construction works with home owners and architects, venturing off the beaten path, to deliver and install modular units. Luxury home owners know that expenses are driven up with traditional construction projects. By working with an engineer or architect and the modular unit manufacturer, home owners can save more than a third on their construction costs by opting for a modular home.

We work with your contractor to provide knowledgeable and quick modular installations.

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Accuset Construction offers best in class modular installation services for your luxury home.

Specialized Equipment for Modular Projects .

Remote Crawler
Mod Trailer

Once modular units leave the factory, they are transported to the job site. However, site conditions may not always allow for the transport company vehicle to place your modular building on your job site. Limited egress and ingress or tight transportation footprints can bring site productivity to a screeching halt, but we come prepared.

Accuset Construction can place modular building section from the transport company onto our specialized equipment. With our remote crawlers, mod trailers, and other specialized equipment, we can keep your project underway.

Our modular relocation and installation equipment offers plenty of power and more maneuverability. Our equipment is designed to meet the unusual or cramped areas in which to get the modular units installed. In many instances, our specialized equipment can be used in lieu of hiring a crane to place your modular buildings.

Crane Halo

Through the years of performing hundreds of crane install of modular buildings,  Accuset Construction has recognized the need to simplify the craning process to help clients save time and money.

We have developed a halo used for craning that can be reconfigured easily to adjust for modular building section sizes and weights. 

The versatility of this halo also mitigates potential issues with not having the right equipment to perform the task.