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Multifamily Twin Lakes

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Project Detailsx

Facility:Twin Lakes Landing
Location:Marysville, WA
Units Installed:54 Modular Units

Project Overviewx

Accuset Construction was selected to install 54 modular units at Twin Lakes Landing, a Housing Hope project located on the shores of Twin Lakes in Marysville, Washington.

Housing Hope needed a new community for previously homeless families who were in need of permanent housing and who could make use of Housing Hope’s educational and childcare programs.

Like all modular units, these were manufactured offsite while onsite, the foundation and other critical elements were constructed. This saved the developer an estimated 3.5 months of construction time and kept the units out of the Pacific Northwest weather.

Accuset Construction worked with the developer to manage the modular unit logistics flow from the Boise, Idaho manufacturing facility to Maryville, Washington. When the onsite foundation was set, Accuset Construction stepped in to quickly set all 54 units using specialized equipment. The safe and efficient installation of the Twin Lakes Landing modular units contributed to a reduced build time, enabling the new residents to move into their new homes ahead of schedule.