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Need to move your modular classroom right now?

School Modular Relocation and Installation Projects.

Modular classrooms are used by school districts for good reason.

The flexibility of modular construction allows each district to expand classrooms and campuses with any level of sophistication of size or design, from simple to extravagant.

Modular buildings free school districts from costly and time-consuming delays associated with traditional construction when expansion is necessary. Modular buildings also provide an efficient, economical answer to enrollment changes across campuses. Because modular buildings can be relocated from site to site, they can quickly accommodate student population shifts.

Accuset Construction has been safely installing and relocating modular classrooms for over 24 years.

We understand the sense of urgency and short windows before the next school year in which classroom relocation must happen.

We have experienced crews and specialized equipment that aid in moving units on-site and off-site.

Whether your site is difficult or easy, we have the proven experience, equipment, and reputation that makes installation or relocation of your modular classroom a fast, safe, and easy process.

Educational Facilities Project Details for Modular Relocation and Installation Projects