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Get Your Apartment Complex Installed Fast.

Multifamily Modular Installation Projects.

Get people in their homes fast.

Many developers choose modular for their apartment and condominium projects. They know a job site increases productivity by nearly 40% and on-site injuries plummet. Modular construction provides the ability for multi-tasking. While the foundation is being set the factory is busy constructing units. Instead of waiting in a queue, units are already coming to life in a warehouse safe from the elements. Then as framing begins, the units are on their way to the job site.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been following your project along with you, communicating with the factory and transportation company and the on-site contractors. When the boxes arrive, we’re ready. We step in, unload and start craning the units — sometimes simultaneously. We’re there to the last fitting, maximizing crane time and ensuring a perfect fit.

It’s why developers and contractors rely on AccuSet Construction to be part of their projects, advising on the preconstruction planning, managing unit logistics, and performing expert installation safely and quickly.