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What Architects Are Saying About Accuset Construction


I had the pleasure of working with Kirk Hall with Accuset Construction on my modular multifamily project in Seattle WA, Cubix Othello. The Accuset team was critical in accomplishing the record-breaking pace of setting 5 floors, 70 units, +100 picks, in 5 days. They coordinated two cranes and directed all transportation logistics with perfection throughout the entire process. Their professionalism and attitude on the site were infectious and the project benefited from their presence. My only regret was not bringing them on to the team sooner; their insight into the process could have solved some challenges we incurred and produced an even better product. I would highly recommend them for any modular project and would encourage any team to include them as soon as they can to ensure the best outcome. John A. Morefield, Architect, AIA NCARB

I would like to thank Acc-U-Set for their great work. Your crew did an outstanding job and they are great to work with. We wish you a prosperous moving season! Kraig

Over the years, I have developed a great working relationship with Acc-U-Set Construction, Inc. It has been one of trust and assurance. I know that Acc-U-Set will show up on time to the site and meet the demanding deadlines that the Beaverton School District has to work with during the summer months. Acc-U-Set has very pleasant, knowledgeable and responsive field employees and office staff. They are always quick to answer questions and have solutions to problems that may arise in the field. Working with Acc-U-Set Construction has been a very enjoyable and positive experience. Janet Avery

I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone with Acc-U-Set Construction for the work performed this past summer for Cheney Public Schools. Your willingness to expedite our Modular Relocate project to conform to an extremely tight time schedule was greatly appreciated. All work with Acc-U-Set Construction for the Cheney School District over the past several years has been conducted professionally, efficiently with great attention to detail and customer satisfaction in all cases. The crews always show up prepared for work on the first day, having the majority of supplies, tools, and personnel to complete the task. I receive many calls related to relocating modular buildings over the course of a year, and Acc-U-Set Construction is the ‘only’ contractor I will refer colleagues to. Most School Districts try to perform set-ups or relocations during the summer months on very tight schedules, and frankly, Acc-U-Set is the only company in our area in this line of work that I feel confident recommending. At Cheney Public Schools, the next modular placement or relocate is never more than a year away. It is a great feeling to know there is such a reputable contractor out there waiting to assist with our needs on short notice! Richard Brown

Acc-U-Set Construction, Inc. is a key team member for Method Homes and our go-to resource for modular installations. They are professional, effective and have worked to ensure every set of ours is a success. We feel good knowing Acc-U-Set is going to install our homes and enjoy working with them. Brian Abramson

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